Eat to turn back the clock.

Uncover the nutrition & lifestyle secrets of aging well. There’s no reason that you cannot feel fabulous at any age if you take the right actions.

“Aging is a disease.”
(Prof. David Sinclair, Harvard Medical School)

Conditions we help you with

team working together for a solution
  • Increase healthspan
  • Premature greying of hair/hair loss
  • Preventative measures
  • Cognition & focus
  • Reduce toxic burden

Aspirant‘s successful longevity protocol

1. Your personalised nutrition plan
2. Comprehensive lifestyle plan, including stress and sleep management with a special focus on endurance and weight training.

3. Supplement plan.

“Other than genes, it is hard to think of something that can be more powerful than food in determining whether someone is going to make it to 100 or die before 50 years old.”
(Prof. Valter Longo, UCLA)

Why it works.

Holistic in-depth analysis of your health.

Scientifically proven, state of the art genetic testing combined with blood, stool and urine analysis.

Preventative nutrition, lifestyle, movement and supplement plan.

Whatever your concerns, we can help you feel your best through a combination of food and lifestyle change.