One to Ones

Personalised Functional Nutrition - the breakthrough you've been looking for.

You are genetically unique so your wellbeing solution should be too.

one to one

“Clients under the Functional Medicine Model were shown to have better outcomes acutely and outcomes that were more sustainable than patients under conventional care.”
(JAMA Network, 2019)

All our bespoke one to one programmes are designed to enable you to reach your goals quickly and efficiently. They include a combination of nutrition expertise and targeted coaching:
  • In-depth initial health and lifestyle assessment.
  • Access to our full range of recommended advanced functional tests (including genetic testing).
  • Personalized nutrition, lifestyle and supplement plans based on your current health status and personal health goals.
  • Tasty and easy to prepare recipes tailored to your personal circumstances suitable to reach your individual health goals.
  • Unlimited messaging and support in order to answer your questions and dispel your concerns.

20% discount on all recommended supplements

10% discount on all recommended tests

Exclusive rates from our recommended partners


Meet your Nutritional Therapist bi-weekly.

“Suitable for everyone who does not feel quite right but is confident about implementing changes by top level guidance.”


Meet your Nutritional Therapist weekly.

“Suitable for people who have not been feeling as they used to for a considerable period of time and are now ready to take the required steps in order to get back to full health.”

Meet your Nutritional Therapist twice a week.

“Suitable for professionals who are under constant time pressure and need the highest level of support in order to easily and efficiently implement the necessary changes so that they feel how they used to.”

Lets discuss which plan best suits your current circumstances.

Exercise is king. Nutrition is queen. Put them together and you've got a kingdom.

……for this reason we put together a transformative weight training option.

  • Weekly 45 minutes of resistance training with a professional trainer.
  • Small groups of up to 3 participants or private.
  • Can be added to all our programmes.
Working one-to-one with a functional medicine practitioner gives you unparalleled support to transform your health. Unlike the traditional medicine approach, we consider all aspects of your health and wellbeing rather than take a one-symptom, one appointment approach you might be used to.  This is the most effective  and efficient  way to reclaim the edge you thought you’d lost.

A meta-analysis of over 370,000 participants found that resistance training was associated with a 21% lower risk of all-cause mortality and a 40% lower risk when combined with aerobic exercise.

Aspirant Health stands for life long support.

After completing one of our programmes we help you maintain what you have achieved just as you would do with your dental care or your gym membership. For this reason we have created our successful Maintenance Membership: STAY! We will make sure you STAY healthy in order to juggle your busy days so that you can deal powerfully with whatever life throws at you.